Are Business Leaders Enjoying Meditation?

Article by Zhang Xinuye of Create Abundance

The mind of a business leader is wired for competition and to get the most out of their days. The benefits of meditation are felt and appreciated and because they can see tangible results in their individual performance and in that of their teams the result is that they enjoy meditation and continue to practice it daily.

Steve Rubin

Steve Rubin is the chief executive and chairman of United Fuels International he practices meditation daily and says that it has given him a competitive advantage in the business world. Steve says, “I have the mental clarity and alertness for both laser-like focus on the details and for broad comprehension.”

Roger Berkowitz

Roger Berkowitz is the CEO of Legal Sea Foods and meditates every day for 20 minutes in the morning. Roger says it puts him into a semiconscious state. Every day Roger Berkowitz wakes and retreats to his den to meditate. He says “Sometimes, I’m wrestling with an issue before meditation, and afterward the answer is suddenly clear.”

Nancy Slomowitz

Nancy Slomowitz is the Executive Management Associates CEO and has been practicing meditation since she was a teenager. She reduced the costs of health care insurance at the company due to her introduction of meditation to the employees. The changes were tangible from toxic to harmonious and positive meditation has changed the workplace environment.

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