Do You Have the Right Temperament for Remote Work?

Since the pandemic has forced many companies to implement remote work for the first time, many employers have familiarized themselves with the unique pros and cons of remote work or working from home. Many have expressed a newfound appreciation of remote work’s monetary and practical benefits. However, others have also expressed reluctance about remote work’s effectiveness because of the perceived distractions that remote employees tend to face.

Lucy Lyle, who founded the company Perch, commented, “It’s true that there can be a lot of distractions at home that lead to decreased productivity. However, if you create a good, organized work environment for yourself with a set schedule, you can make the most of working from home.” Lucy Lyle added, “You can even increase your productivity if you create an efficient routine that you can stick to.” Studies have shown that certain employees can accomplish more in less time under these conditions.

Based on this analysis, remote work is most beneficial to people who are disciplined, organized, and highly self-motivated. Successfully working from home requires good time management, a favorable work environment, and the ability to focus without any distractions. While some people resemble this picture of the ideal remote worker more than others, it is also possible to adopt new habits that open a path to lasting success while working from home.

Lucy Lyle commented, “If you want to make your remote work sessions more productive, the first thing you can do is declutter your desk. You’ll lose time and put yourself under unnecessary stress if you’re always looking for things in a messy office. Also, be sure your home office is in a quiet place with no TV screens around. This is easier said than done if your family life is hectic, but it will be a big boost to your productivity as an employee.”