Why Jury Selection Research Is an Important Tool for Attorneys

What comes to mind when you think of ways attorneys can win a favorable verdict in court? Some actions that come to mind include presenting the right evidence, calling the right witnesses, and making the most persuasive arguments. Another often-overlooked contributor to success in court is choosing the right jurors to give your client a fair trial.

The law allows attorneys the right to the process of voir dire, which gives them the opportunity to question potential jurors to screen them for potential biases that might skew the trial away from a favorable outcome. Attorneys can examine potential jurors through pre-trial questioning or juror surveys. Juror surveys are an important part of jury selection research, which should be a part of every attorney’s pre-trial preparation.

Social science has given attorneys the useful tool of scientific jury selection. While systematically selecting the right jurors is not a guarantee of success in court, it can be an important factor in winning a case when the evidence leaves the facts ambiguous. Through jury selection research, attorneys can predict which jurors are more likely to choose a favorable verdict based on traits such as background, values, and beliefs. Other factors such as previous experiences and opinions about subjects relevant to the case may also be considered.

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