Things to consider when renting a car on business travel

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Summary: Car rentals are the best way for business travelers to operate in a city. However, ensure that there is coverage for any damage in the event of an accident, that the use of the vehicle is insured, and that you inform the rental company of any extra drivers.

Nothing will beat the convenience, peace of mind, and economy of renting a car on an overseas trip. Taxies can be expensive, and you can’t rely on public transport to go from meeting to meeting. However, there are still something things you should consider when renting in a foreign country:


Whenever you drive a car, there is always the possibility that something can go wrong. If you have an accident while driving, you need to make sure that you will not bear any of the costs. Insurance will cover the vehicular damage. However, there are other costs, such as local penalties that neither your credit card nor employer will cover.


Check for insurance coverage on your company car rental contract. If not, insist on arranging insurance before travel and avoid any additional costs when you land. You should not have to pay any additional fees beyond what the car rental company charges.


Car rental agreements are very specific in their terms. Some rental contracts will only cover damage when a specific person is driving. Sometimes there are situations where more than one person will use the car. In that case, inform the rental company, although there will be additional fees for each extra driver.


The standard protocol is to fill up the tank before you return the car. You pick up the car with full tank and return it in the same condition.

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