Three Reasons to Test an Email Campaign Before Sending

Written by eTargetMedia.

It’s natural to get excited when you are creating an email campaign that you feel strongly about. You know that you have a product that your customers will want to find out about and an email message that will grab their attention. However, there’s a fine line between being excited and being hasty. Many potentially great email campaigns have been ruined because the email marketer didn’t take the time to review and test their email before hitting send.

Here are three reasons that eTarget Media recommends that you thoroughly test your emails before they are sent:

Typos and Spelling Issues: It might seem basic, but many email campaigns have run into issues because of a serious type of spelling mistake. Even a potentially minor typo can make your email look unprofessional and cause a recipient to discount the message. Make sure that you are diligent about proofing your email before you send it out; have someone else in your company — or outside of it — review your message before sending it out.

Formatting Issues: An email can look perfect when you create it in an HTML program but have significant problems when it is sent. In many cases, an email can look fine when received by one email program (such as Outlook) but look broken when received by a different program (such as Gmail). Make sure you send test emails to various email platforms.

Broken Links and Images: Something as simple as a web address that has been incorrectly typed or formatted can derail an email campaign. Before you hit send on an email, make sure that all of the links go to the correct web pages and that the images show up properly.

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